Boots offers are lethal…


Can I ever go into boots and not buy anything? Nope. So here is a haul for you guys! I’ve wanted to try a few products out now and payday just happened so I went and got a bit spendy!

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water – £5.00
I’ve heard a few people rave about this product including velvetghost so I thought I’d give it a try. I’ve never tried a cleansing water before, so I gave it a try last night. It’s nice, I used it after I had cleansed my face and it was feeling a bit tight. It worked nicely with putting the elasticity back into my skin. There’s no fragrance or alcohol so anybody can use this and not have an issue with sensitive skin.

Collection work the colour nude eye palette – £3.99
To say how cheap this palette is I really can’t complain. They are pigmented shadows and go on the lid nicely, the colours are also really beautiful. If you are just starting a beauty collection and starting to mess around with eye shadows a bit I would say this is a good buy instead of splurging on one of the expensive palettes.

Bourjois healthy mix foundation – £9.99
I have to start off with how amazing this foundation smells, it smells like sun cream and I absolutely love the smell. I heard Fleur De Force talk about this in a monthly favourites, and I was looking for a new dewy foundation so I picked this up. I tried this on yesterday and at first I wasn’t overly impressed, but on pictures it seems to look okay. I’m going to try it again a couple of times as my skin isn’t in the best of conditions at the moment is that could be due to why I don’t like it that much.

Maybelline colour tattoo in Permanent tope and On and On bronze – £4.99
I’m really impressed with this product. I think they sit on the lid beautifully, and is just the right consistency. I’ve not heard one person not like these eye shadows, I love the colour range and I will definitely be getting another few.

Maybelline colour elixir in blush essence and raspberry rhapsody – £6.99
Maybelline had a 3 for 2 offer on all of their products so I picked up 2 of their new colour elixirs. I really like them already, they’re not sticky, they’re just a nice consistency. I think there’s about 10 different shades, and I will definitely be getting them all. Even if I don’t wear them that often the collector inside me must have them all! They are beautiful colours, some bright and some nude. I can’t wait to get more!


Revlon colour stay moisture stain in London Posh and Barcelona Nights – £7.99
Unfortunately I’m really disappointed with the formula of this product. They claim to not be sticky but it’s exactly the opposite, I feel like my lips are really gloopy when I apply this and I hate it. I wanted to love this product but I had heard mixed reviews. The range of colours is good, but I would definitely opt for the Maybelline colour elixir over this. London posh is a beautiful nude and the typical ‘your lips but better’ whereas Barcelona nights is a bright pink.

Elf tone correcting concealer – £1.95
I find it quite hard to find a liquid highlighter that works well for me, as I’m just so pale. However, I did get this product as a concealer and got it in the lightest shade. But when I applied it had a highlighting effect that I really liked, so I’ve decided to now use it for highlighting. But it does also correct the pigmentation in my skin also. Overall, a good product but not sure if I would buy it again.

Elf blush in Candid Coral and Fuchsia Fusion – £3.95
I really like elf blushes I think they gather on brushes really nicely and look lovely on the apples of the cheeks. Candid coral is really nice for me as I’m pale, it’s not as bright and in your face as some blushes are, it’s a nice nude. However, fuchsia fusion isn’t really for me. It looked a lot paler on the internet and when it came its just too bright for me and I have to say I probably won’t ever use it. Elf blushes in generally are great and I will definitely be getting more in different shades!


Rimmel nail varnish in round and round in circles – £2.99
Another product I’m not happy with, I love the colour of it, it’s a gorgeous pastel yellow. However, it applies horrendously! I normally really like Rimmel nail varnishes but it kept separating on my nail and looked awful!

MAC matte lipstick in Pink Plaid – £15.50
Now, for my most exciting buy of the day. MAC lipsticks are my favourite lipsticks to buy, I don’t think you can beat them too be honest they are such a cult product in the beauty world and so many beauty bloggers love them. I picked up this beauty, never really heard anybody talk about this colour but it’s beautiful and I think it’s very under-rated. However, I don’t normally go for matte lipsticks so I add the Maybelline colour elixir in blush essence on top and it looks stunning!



Let me know if anybody has tried these products and their thoughts! Any recommendations that you’ve recently bought?

Until next time…
Em x

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