Chanel Vitaluimere Aqua – Review


I’ve tried a few high end products out now, so I thought that I would finally splurge and get myself this foundation. I’ve been wanting to try it out for ages and most of the beauty youtubers I watch always recommend it such as Fleur De Force. However, it has to be said it isn’t one of my favourites.

This product is raved about so much in the beauty world, but I just don’t understand the hype. When you first apply it, don’t get me wrong it looks beautiful and gives a flawless finish which I like. However, on me this foundation just does not last and within under an hour leaves the skin looking and feeling greasy. Which is not what I expected from a product which retails at £32.00 for 30 ml.


It does look beautiful for short trips, but if you’re after a long wear foundation then this isn’t the one for you. Also, it does have a fragrance and a high alcohol content so for those with sensitive skin I wouldn’t bother wasting your money, I’ve heard of so many people have break outs due to wearing this foundation and it really isn’t worth it. However, not many people think that the range of shades is great. But I’m really really pale and finding the perfect match for me in foundation can be exhausting – but the first shade I picked up matched great. So in that sense, I can’t complain. The packaging of the product is really handy aswell, it’s a plastic container instead of the typical glass one which makes travelling a lot more easier.

Overall, I wouldn’t spend the money on this product again. It’s nice to have in your collection but I feel you can get better foundations from the drugstore, I feel like I get exactly the same finish from Max Factor Face Finity which is only £11.00 so don’t see the need to waste money. Also, if you’re thinking of trying this product give it a good shake before use as it does dispense a greasy water if it’s not shaken up properly!

Let me know if any of you have tried this foundation and what you think of it? I’d love to hear if I’m the only who thinks this!

Until next time…
Em x

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