My top make up brushes


There’s a constant battle between make up brushes: synthetic? Duo Fibre? Big and fluffy? or Small and dainty? For me, there’s only really one brand that does it for me. Real Techniques – They have a range of so many different brushes, and I haven’t come across one of their brushes that I have yet to really dislike. They are also really affordable for the quality of the brushes, I know finding the perfect inexpensive brush is really hard. 

The real techniques stippling brush £11.99/The real techniques buffing brush (From the core collection) £21.99 – 
I like to change the brush which I apply my foundation on with. It all depends on how well the foundation sits on your face, and the type of brush. I used to use the buffing brush for pretty much all of my foundation but then I dug my stippling brush out from the back of my draw and started to use this again. I tend to use the buffing brush for heavier foundations, however, I do switch it up between the two regularly. They both leave no lines and blend in foundation beautifully. I also tend to use the Stippling brush for creme blush aswell, just apply it with my fingers and blend it in with the brush and it looks flawless. 

The real techniques power brush £12.99 – 
This brush is my favourite; It’s massive and fluffy and collects just the right amount of product on it without making your face look like there’s too much powder. I couldn’t imagine using any other powder brush, I wouldn’t really need to because this does the job perfectly. 

The real techniques blush brush £9.99 – 
This brush is perfect for applying powder blush with, it glides of the apples of the cheeks beautifully. However, I do not just use this for applying blusher. The tapered shape of the brush makes this brush a treat for contouring. I can never really seem to find the right balance for the size of a contour brush, it’s either too big, too small, not the right shape or doesn’t quite fit in the hallows of my cheeks. But this beauty is just right, try it out and let me know what you think. Obviously, everyone is different and has different face shapes. 

Elf small stipple brush £3.95 – 
I use this brush to blend in my concealer, I apply my concealer with the doffer applicator if it has one or just with my fingers if its a pot. I then blend it in with this brush, it’s the perfect size for getting into small spaces like around your nose or the inner corner of your eyes. It blends so well and doesn’t make it look like you are actually wearing any concealer. 

Elf blending brush £1.95 – 
I really like using this brush to blend out my crease eye shadow. It smoothes out everything, I think having a couple of these is a great idea – one for actually blending out products (a clean one) and then one for applying the crease colour. It’s a nice size too to just fit on the eyelid too. 

Elf brow wand £1.95 – 
A brow wand is a staple in any beauty collection for me, brush your brows through before drawing them on and they will go on easier, also a good trick for if you have applied to much to your brows and it looks slightly darker at one part if you brush through the product with this then it evens it all out. You can’t complain for the price of elf brushes either. 

Zoeva 127 Luxe sheer cheek brush 12.80 in Euros with delivery I paid £15.70 – 
I love love love Zoeva brushes. Firstly, can we just admire how sleek they look – just amazing. I love a good looking brush. A bonus to how beautiful it is, its works a treat to. The angle of the brush allows to blend in brush lovely, Whereas the real techniques brush is quite big and fluffy it can sometimes make it hard to get just the right amount of blush and blend it properly. However, I much prefer using this for my blush and the other blush brush for my contouring. The hairs are so soft and collect a nice amount of product, allows heavy handed people to not look like a clown when applying really pigmented blush as you can just build up non pigmented blushes really well. 


I hope you enjoyed and let me know if you have any of these brushes or any recommendations I could try out. I’m always open to buying a good new brush! 
Until next time… 

em x 

Twitter: emmasharples16 
Instagram: emmasharplesx 


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