Nothing better than a pamper day!

Last week I was plagued with tonsillitis! So I was moping around feeling sorry for myself, there is nothing better than having a night of pampering when you’re just not feeling yourself!

I like to light a couple of candles and get relaxed, normally Yankee candles in pink hibiscus and garden sweet pea. I’ll run a boiling hot bath and crumble some fun by lush under the tap, and wait for it to bubble! I’ll then climb in and wash my hair as normal, take my make up off and apply a hair masque!


My current favourite hair masque at the moment is the Charles Worthington moisture seal. It moisturises the hair so well, and leaves normally dull hair look alive and smooth again! While my hair masque is setting in I’ll apply a face masque!


When I’m feeling sorry for myself I like to splurge on a nice face masque! So this one only comes out for special occasions – it’s the GlamGlow youthmud tinglexfoliate masque. Normally, I would use the Soap and Glory No clogs allowed self heating masque. However, the GlamGlow masque is so refreshing and leaves your face feeling so smooth! I get the much raved hype around this product!

After I’ve had a ponder through Instagram and twitter I get out and grab my Laura Mercier body butter, and moisturise my body with it as it feels like such a luxurious product! I will then normally paint my nails with and Essie polish or Barry M! Then continue with my normal night time skin care, and use a lib scrub – my favourite is the lush bubblegum lip scrub! Then I’ll get into bed in a pair of massive jogging pants and a baggy t-shirt.

Until next time.
Em x

Instagram: emmasharplesx
Twitter: emmasharples16


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